The Georgetown Police Department K9 unit currently has one team that patrols the streets of Georgetown, Ptl. Inlow and K9 Gabber (Hob-ber). Ptl. Inlow has been with the department since 2007. Gabber is a German Shepherd born in 2007 that was imported from The Netherlands. All of his commands are given in Dutch. Gabber is trained to detect narcotics and perform patrol work (building searches, tracking, etc). Gabber patrols the streets in a comfortable insert that is made for K9 transportation. Gabber also lives and is part of the handler’s family. The handler is responsible for the training and well being of the dog.

The K9 Unit was developed in 2010 and training was provided by Southern Ohio Police K9 trainer, Dave Johnson. After an extensive training academy of about 3 months, Gabber and Inlow successfully completed the class and certified with the state of Ohio. Since March they have been on the road protecting and serving. In the short time the team has been on the road Gabber is responsible for finding multiple drugs on the streets and in homes.

The department’s K9 team provides a great and cost effective service to the community, tracking missing persons, apprehending suspects, locating evidence. They allow patrol officers to work in a safer and more efficient manner and perform functions that human officers are simply unable to do. For example, officers searching a building—without the benefit of a K9 team—will take much longer to perform the search (and will be exposed to greater risk). Performing a building search with a K9 team will enable to the search to be performed in much less time, increasing efficiency (freeing up officers for other calls/duties) and decreasing risk to officers.

Our K9 Team is routinely called upon to:
►    Track fleeing suspects or missing persons.
►    Search for narcotics concealed in houses, cars, etc.
►    Conduct crowd control when necessary.
►    Search for suspects hiding in buildings or in woods.
►    Search and locate evidence.
►    Protect the handler, other officers and citizens.

►    Be a visible deterrent for criminal activity.
►    Conduct public demonstrations.

The K9 Unit has performed multiple demonstrations for different organizations in the area. If you are interested in a demonstration for your group contact Ptl. Inlow at (937) 378-6400

The K9 Unit also performs numerous drug searches at our schools. Just having a K9 there helps with keeping drugs out of our schools and keep our children safe.

Thanks to the community the K9 Unit raised approximately $3000.00 in 2011 for the additional training needed.

The average dog will be in service from 5-7 years and then needs to be replaced. All donations made to the K9 Unit are tax-deductible. The funds that are raised are directly used for the K9 Unit only. Through community support, we are able to provide protection, safety and service for the residents, businesses, and visitors of Georgetown.

The cost of a K9 alone is approximately $10,500 for dog and training only.

The costs of a K9 Unit can be pricy, but the security of a K9 search team finding a hidden suspect in your backyard is……..Priceless.

If you would like to donate to help fund the Georgetown Police K9 Unit, donations can be made at National Bank and Trust or the Georgetown Police Department.

Georgetown Police Department
108 E. State St.
Georgetown, OH. 45121

(937) 378-6400