Ptl. Hensley Ptl. Robert Hensley: He has been with the department since 1999. He is a full-time employee of the Ford Motor Company and has training AED/CPR and in Radar/Lidar operation. He was recognized for having the highest activity of our part-time officers in 2009.
Phone Ext: 1016
Ptl. Coburn Ptl. Vicky Coburn: She has been with the department since 2001 and is a retired employee of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Post in Georgetown, OH. where she served as a secretary. And she also worked at the Brown County Sheriff's Office for 2 years as a Dispatcher/Corrections Officer/ Deputy prior to that. She handles all bad check cases for the village.
Phone Ext: 1014
Chief Coburn Ptl. Forrest "Buddy" Coburn: Served as police chief 2003 to Nov. 2013 after working as the Chief Investigator with the Brown County Sheriff's Office for 12 years. Since Coburn took over as chief, the department has increased it's training and even exceeded state standard's in some areas. Additional equipment has been purchased to assist the officers in their investigations. And has highlighted officer's strong points to improve the department as a whole. Chief Coburn was also acting Coroner's Investigator for Brown County under Dr. McKinley. He currently serves as the Brown County Prosecutor's Investigator.

Ptl. Keith Gray: He has been with our department since September of 2015. Keith has experience in adult probation, corrections, adminitration, as well as experiance as a road patrol officer.
Phone Ext: 1018

Ptl. Jamie Coburn: He has been with our department since 2003.
Phone Ext: 1015
Ptl. Jonathan Pullin: He joined our department in May 2016. He has several years of law enforcement experience and currently works with Fayetteville Police Dept. as well.

Ptl. Jesse Green: He joined our department in May 2016. He had 15 years of law enforcement experience and in proficient in many areas of the profession.

Ptl. Brittany Stamper: She joined our department in June 2016. She has been a police officer since 2010 and has worked for West Union, Seaman, and Manchester PD.

Full-Time Officers
Lt. Freeland Chief Robert Freeland: He has been with the dept. since 1996 and became full-time in 1997. In addition to his administrative position, he is currently the Computer/Database Administrator, Property Room Officer, and our Website Designer. He has training in Crime Scene Investigation, Methamphetamine Investigation, ADAP certification, ASP Certification, K-9 Response, Radar Operation, AED/CPR, Reid Interview Technique,and Grant Writing/Research.
Phone Ext: 1004
Ptl. Gifford Sgt. Robert Gifford: He has been with the dept. since 2001 and brought to full-time status in 2003. He comes to us from the Brown County Prosecutor's Officer where he was the Prosecutor's Investigator. Gifford has training in the areas of Death Investigation, Dealing with Sex Offenders and their victims, Court Security, Suspect and Vehicle Approaches, Rural Gangs, Crime Scene Techniques, Drug Identification, Interviews and Interogation, and Homicide Investigation. He is also the recepient of the 2005 "Top Cop" Award given by the Georgetown Police Department.
Phone Ext: 1010
Ptl. Singleton Cpl. Kyle Singleton: He has been with the dept. since 2003. He comes to us after being Chief of the Higginsport Police Dept. and a Corrections officer at the Brown County Detention Center. Kyle is currently assigned to road patrol and is active with both the local Georgetown Fire Dept. and Life Squad. Kyle is the recipient of the 2006 and 2007 "Top Cop" Award for leading in citations written.
Phone Ext: 1012
Kumpf Ptl. Kendall Kumpf: has been with the department since 2008. He has prior experience coming to us from both Mt. Orab Police Dept. and the Brown County Sheriff's office. He also has been trained in firearms instruction.
Phone Ext: 1009
Inlow Ptl. Shaun Inlow: He has been with the department since 2007. He has training in ADAP, CPR, and FEMA certification for responding to emergency situations. In 2008 & 2009 received the "Top Cop" Award, for filing the most cases with Georgetown Mayor's Court and for his involvement in the solving numerous drug/narcotic cases. Ptl. Inlow was also the departments K-9 officer and has training in firing range instruction.
Phone Ext: 1020
Ptl. Staggs: He has been with the department since 2009 and brought on to full-time status in 2010. Before coming to our department. He also worked for the Ripley Police Dept. and the Clermont County Sheriff's Dept.
Phone Ext: 1013
Griffith Ptl. Walt Griffith: He joined our department in 2012. And is a graduate of the 2011 Brown County Police Academy.
Phone Ext: 1017
Part-Time Officers


Georgetown Police Department
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Georgetown, OH. 45121

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